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Dinner and Cultural Performances

KOULEN II BUFFET & APSARA DANCE SHOW takes pleasure in a warm welcome to every customer in traditional Khmer style with smile, courteous and friendly service for you at all time with recently had the most delicious food. Spend evening relaxed at Kulen II Restaurant and get away from the temple hustle with a Dinner and performances of traditional dances including Legendary The Apasara Dance. Enjoy your meal while entertained by an array of dances. Yes, Cameras are allowed. So feel free to photograph as you like of our different dance styles.

12 USD Per-Person

Price Included

  • Hotel Pick up & Drop off  ( Pick up at 6:20pm ) 


  • DINNER TIME: 6:30:pm – ¬7:30pm
  • SHOW TIME: 7:30pm – 8:30pm (1hour , every evening)

Buffett dinner Menu

1.Buffett dinner Menu

1. Grilled Egg Plan 
2. Onion Ring 
3. Garlic Bread 
4. Salad Bar

5. Mixed Salad 
6. Coconut Spice Cake 
7. Vegetable Tempura 
8. Vegetable on Stick 

2.Khmer Food

1. Chicken and vermicelli salad 
2. Fish braised 
3. Fish Amok 
4. Fried pork with ginger

5. Mango salad with pork 
6. Lab beef 
7. Chicken curry soup 
8. Fried chicken with seasame 

3.Chiness Food

1. Fried bean curd with bean sprouts 
2. Steamed pork rib 
3. Fried fish rid with sweet and sour sauce 
4. Fried vegetable   5. Fried rice 
6. Choy sum with oyster sauce 
7. Chicken soup with green cabbage

4.Western Food

1. Red chicken 
2. Mixed salad 
3. Beef Stew 
4. Fried beef with leek 
5. Fruit salad 
6. Pumpkin cream soup

7. Canapé  

8. Grilled tomatoes 
9. Chicken on stick 
10. Vegetable on stick 
11. Beef on stick 
12. Fish on stick 

5. Khmer Dessert and Fresh Fruit

1. Banana with milk coconut 
2. Sweet bean soup 
3. Banchanerk cake 
4. Grass Yelly 
5. Fried banana with sugar  

6. Service cake 
7. Pineapple fruit 
8. Orange fruit 
9. Dragon fruit 
10. Papaya fruit